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Create your account in two easy steps

Becoming a My Toyota Extra member is extra simple. Fill out the form. Earn points. Get rewards.




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Personal information protection policy

Last updated: November 6, 2023

The personal information that you share with Toyota is essential to the proper administration of the My Toyota Extra rewards program (the “program”). Personal information is information that makes it possible to identify a natural person, directly or indirectly. Here’s how we use and protect that information with the utmost consideration for your privacy. This policy applies to the collection, use and disclosure of any personal information (“information”) obtained as part of the program offered by the Parts and Service Association of Quebec Toyota Dealers.

  1. Collection and use of information
  2. Disclosure of information
  3. Consent and right to refuse
  4. Automated decisions
  5. Information retention and destruction
  6. Security
  7. Access and correction requests
  8. Questions and complaints
  9. Changes to the policy
  10. Other applicable rules and policies

1. Collection and use of information

1.1. How information is collected

The information we collect comes directly from you or from a participating Quebec Toyota dealer, including when:

  • You create or update your member account on (our “website”)
  • You communicate with us by phone, email or mail, or using the form on our website
  • You visit a participating Quebec Toyota dealer and complete a transaction for products or services that are eligible for the program, or you redeem My Toyota Extra points
  • You agree to receive information regarding the program, Toyota Group entities* or their partners by email or another means of communication (newsletters, offers, marketing communications, etc.)
  • You contact us with a comment, question, request or complaint
  • You fill out a form to enter a contest, attend an event, answer a survey, or participate in a marketing study
  • You visit our website (information collected through cookies or other technologies)

1.2. Types of information and uses

We’ve classified the information we collect according to the type of information and the ways in which it is used.

Type of information


How the information is used

A. Identifying information from your member account or your customer account at a Quebec Toyota dealer

  • First and last name
  • Email and mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Main maintenance location (dealership)
  • Birth date (day/month)
  • To create your account and offer you program benefits and assistance
  • To share important information about the program and how it works
  • To send you information about Toyota products and services or program-related offers and promotions, and to wish you a happy birthday
  • To book an appointment with your dealership
  • To send you surveys that measure your satisfaction with the program and Toyota products and services
  • To conduct research, perform analyses and produce statistics that will help optimize the program and the technology used**

B. Information on your transactions, point redemptions and vehicle

  • Information on your program member transactions at Quebec Toyota dealer Parts & Service Centres, including the date, location, transaction amount, and the products and services purchased
  • Information on points redeemed at participating Quebec Toyota dealers, including the number of My Toyota Extra points redeemed and the products or services for which they were redeemed
  • Model, year and identification number (VIN) of the vehicle(s) linked to your member account
  • To offer and administer the program as defined in the Program Terms and Conditions, including to record points and point balances, process point redemptions and record the value of transactions and the number of visits to calculate the level of membership
  • To conduct research, perform analyses and produce statistics that will help optimize the program and the technology used**

C. Information on your communication preferences and your purchases

  • Information on your subscriptions to our communications and those of Toyota Group entities
  • Information on the products and services purchased
  • Information on emails received (e.g. emails opened, links clicked on, type of device, IP address, geolocation)
  • Answers to surveys and marketing studies
  • To analyze and understand different member profiles, buying behaviours and needs
  • To send you useful and relevant communications based on your profile and preferences
  • To improve our program and the products, services and content we offer you
  • To present you with advertising and content in line with your preferences

D. Information on your use of our website

  • Information collected through cookies:
    • Browing preferences (language);
    • Browsing path and history on our website
    • IP address
    • Information on your device, operating system and web browser
  • To make sure our website is secure and works properly
  • To make browsing easier
  • To analyze browsing data
  • To measure the performance and effectiveness of the content you see and interact with on the website
  • To present you with targeted offers and advertising
  • To measure the performance of online ad campaigns
  • For more information, see our Digital Data Policy

E. Information on appointments, questions, comments and complaints***

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • My Toyota Extra account number
  • Main maintenance location (dealership)
  • Information that you share about your appointment, request, question, comment or complaint
  • To find a dealership near you or book an appointment at a dealership
  • To answer your question, request, comment or complaint

*In this policy, Toyota Group is defined as the Parts and Service Association of Quebec Toyota Dealers, Quebec Toyota dealers, the Quebec Toyota Dealer Association and its regional associations, and Toyota Canada Inc.

**Information used for research, analysis and statistical purposes is de-identified, meaning the information can no longer be used to identify you directly.

***Some of the information gathered during our interactions with you can be combined with other information we have about you and recorded in your member file.

2. Disclosure of information

It is sometimes necessary to disclose your information for legitimate use by other parties. As part of the program, we may share your information with third parties, service providers or partners.

We’re committed to only disclosing information as necessary and to obtain your consent as required. We only disclose your information as described in this section, unless you’ve consented to its disclosure to other entities for specific uses.

For example, we can disclose your information to:

Toyota Group entities

  • Quebec Toyota dealers you’ve dealt with or would be likely to deal with, so you can enjoy program benefits or so they can communicate with you in response to a request, particularly a request for an appointment or for information, or if you’ve agreed to receive emails from them
  • The Quebec Toyota Dealers Association and its regional associations, if you’ve agreed to receive emails from them
  • Toyota Canada Inc., for the purposes of analyzing and improving the program, better understanding the needs of members when it comes to vehicle maintenance and purchases, and replying to your requests

Service providers

  • Technology providers (e.g. data centres, data storage and backup, data processing, web hosting services, maintenance and support services)
  • Communications, marketing and analytics service providers
  • Communications and cookie management service providers
  • Professional service providers (e.g. consultants, accountants, legal advisors)

We care about the integrity, safety and confidentiality of your information. When we disclose your information to suppliers, we make sure they sign a contract with us in which they agree to only use your information for the purposes stated in the agreement and to keep it at least as safe as we do.

Third parties as required or permitted by law, including:

  • Government, regulatory and law enforcement agencies, by virtue of a mandate, order or legal requirement
  • For any current or potential legal proceedings in which we are involved
  • To establish, exercise or defend our legal rights, to the extent permitted by law

We reserve the right to report illegal or fraudulent activities by website users, customers or members, which may require us to report information about that person to the appropriate authorities.

Other third parties:

  • For commercial transactions, parties involved in the proposed or pending financing, insurance, sale or other type of transfer of all or part of our entity or assets, for purposes related to the valuation and execution of the commercial transaction
  • he digital and social media platforms with which we may share your information (e.g. your email address) for the purpose of publishing targeted advertising on their platforms (see Section 3.2 a) on the right to refuse)

3. Consent and right to refuse

3.1 Consent

We will only use your information as necessary and for the purposes for which it was collected. We only use your information with your consent or as permitted by law. We obtain your consent for the collection, use and disclosure of your information at various times, including:

  • When you join the program
  • To send you promotional emails
  • When we need to use your information for a purpose other than those for which you have already given your consent
  • During specific interactions with us, such as requests for information or appointments, or to enter a contest or take part in a promotional activity or event

By logging into your program account, you can view your profile, update your contact information, and manage and modify your email communication preferences at any time. There may be a delay before your communication preferences are updated.
Please note, however, that you will continue to receive essential program communications, including:
  • Important information about the program and how it works
  • Notices regarding your points balance or account inactivity
  • Information about your membership status or level

If you refuse or withdraw your consent to the collection, use or disclosure of your information or if you are considering doing so, please feel free to contact us to find out about the consequences of refusing or withdrawing your consent. If you refuse to allow us to collect or use certain essential information, we may not be able to allow you to participate in the program or enjoy all of its benefits.

3.2 Right to refuse

You can refuse or withdraw your consent to have your information used for the following purposes:

a) Creating personalized audiences
We may use personalized audience services on social media platforms, digital platforms or third-party websites that send targeted advertisements to their users based on personalized audiences. To do this, we upload “hashed” (i.e. encrypted) lists of email addresses to these providers’ platforms, which are then compared with hashed data generated from their own data that may match your profile on that platform. Data hashing is a security measure designed to protect personal data.

We use two types of targeting:

  • Inclusion : This type of targeting allows us to target people with personalized offers, particularly exclusive offers for program members. The result is advertising that is more relevant to you and keeps you better informed about offers aimed at you.
  • Exclusion : This type of targeting allows us to avoid targeting you with advertising that isn’t aimed at you, particularly offers aimed at people who are not program members. The result is that you won’t be unnecessarily presented with offers for which you aren’t eligible or that aren’t relevant to you.

You can refuse to have your email address used for either or both types of personalized audience targeting by changing your preferences in your member file or filling out the online form in the Contact Us section of our website. Please specify the type of targeting for which you are making the request: “inclusion” or “exclusion.”

If you withdraw your consent, you may still see our advertisements, but they won’t be targeted using your email address.

b) Sharing your information with Toyota Canada Inc.
We may share your membership information with Toyota Canada Inc. to facilitate efforts to run the program well, including for the purpose of analyzing and improving the program and to better understand the needs of members when it comes to vehicle maintenance and purchases. You can refuse to have your information shared with Toyota Canada Inc. for these purposes by contacting us via the online form in the Contact Us section of our website.

c) Digital information
With your consent, we can collect your digital information (e.g. device and browsing data) using optional cookies or other similar technology when you visit our website. We use that information to measure and analyze browsing data to improve your browsing experience. We also use it to offer you deals and services in line with your needs. You can refuse to have that information collected by clicking on “Consent choices” at the bottom of our website. For more details, see our Digital Data Policy.

4. Automated decisions

We may make decisions about you based solely on the automated processing of your information. These are called automated decisions, meaning that no one is significantly involved in the decision-making process.

Examples of automated decisions include determining your membership level, your eligibility for an offer or the dealer of record in your membership file (when you haven’t specified your main dealer in your membership file).

When automated decisions are made, we will let you know during the process or, at the latest, when informing you of the decision. If you have any questions or comments about automated decisions, please contact us.

5. Information retention and destruction

Storage location

The information we retain is stored on secure servers that are usually located in Canada. However, we may retain the services of suppliers located outside the country. Consequently, some of your information may be shared or stored outside Quebec, in other provinces and countries, including in the United States, by a person to whom we have entrusted the task of collecting, using, disclosing or storing such information.

In such cases, we ensure that your information is protected according to generally accepted privacy principles that are deemed reasonable in the circumstances. In some cases, your information may be subject to the laws and access rights of authorities in foreign countries.

Limited duration of retention

We retain your information only as long as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, or for as long as required or permitted by law.

Here are some examples and the usual retention period for each.

Type of information Situation and details Retained for
Information contained in a member file Voluntary closure of a member file 12 months after voluntary closure is requested
Information contained in a member file Closure of a member file due to inactivity 12 months after file is closed due to inactivity
Information collected as part of an information request Request for information, an appointment or other request Up to 12 months after the request is processed
Information about transactions saved to a member file Information about purchases and point redemptions at dealerships and related information 12 months after the member file is closed

Some information in your file may be destroyed before the end of these periods if it is no longer required. Some exceptions may also apply and require longer retention periods, for example in the case of claims or litigation. When your information is no longer required, we make every effort to destroy it safely.

6. Security

We take reasonable steps consistent with industry standards to protect your information and use security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. We implement technological, physical and contractual security measures designed to protect the information entrusted to us against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification.

All authorized persons who have access to your information are required to respect its confidentiality, and we limit such access and monitor it to prevent and detect suspicious activity. These individuals are provided with training sessions, materials and information on data protection and privacy.

Our website contains links to other sites. When you click on links that take you to third-party sites, you are subject to the privacy policies of those sites. We are not responsible for the actions or privacy practices of third parties. We encourage you to exercise caution when leaving our website for other sites and to read the privacy policy of every site you visit.

7. Access and correction requests

You can ask to access the information we keep about you or have it corrected or even, in certain circumstances, deleted. To do so, please send a written request to the Privacy Officer :

Charles Saillant, President of the Parts and Service Association of Quebec Toyota Dealers

At the following address : [email protected]

We may need to verify your identity before searching for, providing or correcting information. Your request will be processed within 30 days of being received.

We update our files on you based on the information you provide or that is provided to us by dealers, where applicable. To ensure that our records are as complete, accurate and up to date as possible, you must inform us of any relevant changes to your information, such as a change of address.

You can update your information or ask us to correct it in one of the following ways:

  • By logging into your member account to update your profile information, or
  • By writing to us at [email protected] if it involves information that cannot be updated in your profile

8. Questions and complaints

If you have a question about privacy or our policies, you can contact us:

To file a privacy-related complaint you can email us at: [email protected].

A file will be created and your complaint will be handled confidentially.

When we receive your complaint, we will reply to confirm that the complaint has been received. We will provide a written response to your complaint within thirty (30) business days of receiving it.

If we find it impossible or impractical to process your complaint within 30 business days, we may need to extend the deadline. If such is the case, we will inform you of the reasons for the delay as well as the new target date for our response.

Please provide us with a phone number so that we can contact you directly to better understand your dissatisfaction and discuss how best to resolve your complaint.

9. Changes to the policy

We may change this policy from time to time as necessary. We will notify you of any material changes by posting a notice on our website and by any other means as needed.

We invite you to read this policy on a regular basis. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting.

10. Other applicable rules and policies

This policy is supplemented by our Digital Data Policy, which explains how we use cookies and similar technologies when you visit our website.

  • Digital Data Policy
This policy may be supplemented by other rules and policies. We invite you to check back at a later date.